ICT Industry Information

Digital Economy

The digital economy is the global network of economic and social activities that are enabled by information and communications technologies such as the internet, mobile and sensor networks.

National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network will be the single largest infrastructure project in Australian history, creating tens of thousands of jobs over its eight year period in areas such as digging ditches, running the fibres, planning and engineering, connecting homes and businesses and supplying network hardware.

Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry covers a number of areas including cabling, wireless, switching, transmission, RF and optical communications, media and IP networks.


The ADTIA was established as an industry association to promote best practice within the digital television sector by way of training and quality assurance.

TITAB Australia

TITAB Australia Cabler Registry Services is an ACMA accredited, not-for-profit industry-owned registry service for the telecommunications industry, with qualified consultants onboard to help with technical questions.